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"The best thing that ever happened to me"

The best thing that ever happened to me was to discover Craig Beck.

I have been watching his you tube videos on how to stop drinking for some time now. I attended the Quit Drinking Bootcamp in London this January and it was an amazing day which has filled me with determination and drive to quit this evil poison.

If you are thinking of quitting drinking, please give Craig a listen, you won't regret it.


Martyn Reynolds
(Verified Review)

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No Judgment | No Labels | No Guilt

I believe that if you routinely drink a highly addictive substance and end up getting addicted, that should be seen as the entirely logical conclusion of your actions and not some indicator that you are broken or weak-willed. 

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No Willpower | No Cravings | No Gimmicks

Every other 'solution' to problem drinking requires an amount of willpower. To be successful, you must force yourself to remain abstinent. This sort of approach has a 95% chance of failure! Are you ready to try something different?

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No Rules | No Cliques | No Religion

This is a logical, scientific & proven solution. There is no religion or 'giving your problem to a higher power' and hoping for the best. Plus, only you will decide whether you need to cut back or quit altogether - no rules - no pressure.

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No Expensive Rehab | No Dangerous Medication

The vast majority of drinkers don't need to take time off work and spend $30,000 or more on expensive rehab. If you are entirely functioning in life but stuck in a loop of daily alcohol use, there is a better & quicker way.

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