August 12, 2018

Escaping the Evil Clown The Alcohol Illusion – Extended Edition

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Escaping the Evil Clown

By Craig Beck

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alcohol addictionMy name is Craig Beck and I am an ex-problem drinker… that statement almost certainly causes a picture to automatically form in your mind’s eye as to what I looked like back then.

However, the chances are good that the picture you see is a long way from the reality because just like you I was not a stereotypical drunk. I was never found stumbling around the streets or sat looking disheveled on the local park bench.

Neither am I one of those big Hollywood stars who proudly announce (via their agent) that they are back in rehab again. I was your average Joe, a family man with a decent career who managed to hide his two bottles of wine a night drink habit for well over a decade.

Just an everyday family man with a drinking problem

That actually makes me sound much more deceitful than I actually am. In reality, for a large period of that time, I honestly believed I had no reason to hide my drinking habits because I was doing nothing out of the ordinary.

When I eventually did start to question what I was doing, rather than change my behavior I simply made sure I was surrounded by people who used alcohol to the same extent that I did.

I did this purely to validate my actions and prove to myself that I was normal, granting myself a license to continue my affair with the drug I loved.

I was what they call a ‘functioning alcoholic’

craig beck quit drinking 550I drank to excess every day but the next morning you wouldn’t have had a clue I had had anything more than a sniff of the barmaid’s apron. I was successful in my career, a director of several companies and even the trustee of a large children’s charity.

This ‘normal’ lifestyle represents the vast majority of people dealing with alcohol addiction. The drunk ‘down and out’ swigging back cheap booze in the park is just the stereotype other drinkers have created as if to provide visible proof that they are not similarly afflicted.

I battled my drink habit for longer than I care to remember. I swung violently from denial to despair as I wrestled with this substance that I hated and loved with equal measure.

My life became alcohol

My whole life became about planning my next drink and then dealing with the crushing guilt I always felt afterward. This pain would force me to come up with more and more complicated ways to try and trick myself to stop drinking.

Eventually, after many years of failed attempts to retake control, I cracked it. I had a “eureka” moment which let me see alcohol in a completely different light.

Only when I stopped seeing it as a benefit and realized that it makes every aspect of life worse did I stop wanting to drink.

This drug very nearly destroyed my life

I am eternally grateful to be a long time free of its cycle of destruction. I now teach other people how to also get free from alcohol via my online rehab site and via my other books on the subject.

Alcohol rewires your brain to ensure you keep using the drug. It achieves this over such a long period of time that you are completely unaware of it doing so. So when you stop drinking it takes an equally long time for your brain to start thinking like a sober person again.

It is a very slow process of reawakening to life without a devious and dangerous drug continuously sloshing around in your body.

Slow poison

Over the last five sober years of my life, I have had a lot of time to reflect on how alcohol affected my behavior over the decades that I was a slave to it. My rose-tinted glasses have long since been discarded and I can now observe other drinkers with more clarity and perspective than ever before.

I might be free of it personally but I am still forced to watch people I love to continue to drink, still trapped in the cycle. I now witness firsthand the denial and delusion proffered forth by all drinkers of this insidious drug.

The same bullshit and illogical nonsense that I also used to preach at anyone who dared to question my drinking.

I describe alcohol as devious because of the slow but powerful way it traps the drinker into the loop of addiction.

Alcohol is not your friend.

Alcohol is an evil clown; it wows you, entertains you and performs illusions for you. It makes ugly people handsome and boring people funny; trick after trick it performs for an audience always crying for more. But the smiling happy face is only painted on. Underneath the greasepaint, there is a twisted, snarling mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

The evil clown is distracting your attention while he is busy stealing what is most important to you. An exceptionally adept piece of sleight of hand executed perfectly and way beyond the capabilities of any other circus illusionist living or dead.

Alcohol uses this dark illusion to cover its tracks.

It is a silent thief and it is more ruthless than any human version you will ever meet. Alcohol the magical and yet sinister puppet master who will make you dance while he is busy stealing your time, health, money, relationships, intelligence, career and eventually your life.

As a short-sighted parasite will continue to gorge on its host until it eventually takes so much that it kills it. Alcohol will not stop until you have nothing more to give – everything is fair game and he is relentless.

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Magicians never reveal their secrets because as soon as you know how they do it… they no longer have the ability to fool you. Alcohol is an addictive drug, it doesn’t want you to know how it hooks you in and it doesn’t want you to be aware of what it does while you are looking the other way.

This book is your personal pair of night vision goggles into the dark world of alcohol ‘our favorite social drug’.

audible logoAre you ready to see how the evil clown performs the trick?

If you are drinking on a daily basis and are getting worried about what it’s doing to you. Escaping The Evil Clown could save your life.

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Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert

About the author: Stop Drinking Expert - Craig Beck ABNLP. ABHYP. DhP. is an internationally renowned, specialist alcohol cessation coach and quit drinking mentor. Using his experience as a former problem drinker, combined with professionals qualifications, accreditations and practice as an addiction therapist, ICF licensed coach, master practitioner of NLP and master hypnotherapist. Independently respected and rated. Not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Craig Beck

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