January 31, 2023

What Happens If You Don’t Quit Drinking Now?

If you’re like the vast majority of people who I have worked with, you already know deep down that you have a problem with alcohol, and you are trying to figure out how and when to deal with it. And maybe you are like the vast majority who have already tried to deal with it through willpower.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’ll only drink to be social.”
  • “I’ll only drink wine and beer — no spirits.”
  • “I’ll only drink on special occasions.” (Have you noticed how many occasions suddenly become “special?”)

If you’re like me, you’ve tried all of these and made and broken any number of other silly rules. They didn’t work for me and won’t work for you. You already know how drinking is affecting your life now. But have you thought about what happens if you keep trying to fix your problem the same way and get the same results? What is your life going to look like down the road?

Craig Beck and this course have completely changed my mindset. I not only do not want to drink, I loath the thought of what alcohol has stolen from me.At the rate I was going I believe I would have been dead in the next two years. Now I think I may have several years left in me.This course has literally given life back to me.”, Bob Wadley

Alcohol is Like Quicksand​

First, I will explain why these will-power-based solutions haven’t worked for you. You only ever had a 5% chance that they would. And that is because of the nature of the drug itself. Alcohol is like quicksand. Most people don’t realize they’re in it until they’re up to their waist!

Once they know it, they start to kick and struggle. But with quicksand, the more you struggle, the more it swallows you up. Alcohol works the same way.  All the rules you try to make and tricks you try to play are like kicking and struggling in quicksand. All they do is create stress. And we all know how we choose to relieve stress —  we drink alcohol.

So you go deeper into the quicksand. You kick and struggle with a few different rules, causing even more stress, and you relieve that pressure by — you got it — drinking alcohol. Do you see what happens? Not only do your attempts to quit not work, but they also get you in deeper and deeper.  And this is why you can not do this on your own.

The Time to Deal With This Is Now​

When most people realize they have a problem, they are already waist-deep in the quicksand. Can you imagine what will happen five years later if you don’t deal with this now? If you’re alive, you will be drinking dramatically more than you are now, and the consequences could be dire. On the other hand, if you deal with this directly, with my help, you could have a dramatically different future, an infinitely better one.

What Does Your Future Look Like?​

To make this change, you will need some leverage in the form of a stick or carrot approach. Let’s begin with the stick. Start by imagining what your life will look like in five years if you keep drinking poison (because that’s what alcohol really is — attractively packaged poison) every day.

Stop reading, close your eyes, and imagine.

  • What does your career look like?
  • What do your finances look like?
  • What does your health look like?
  • What do your relationships look like?
  • Who have you hurt?

You’ve likely hurt people you would never allow to be hurt by someone else. It’s painful to imagine, but the stick is painful. Now for the carrot. Try the same exercise. Close your eyes and imagine your life five years later if you stop drinking poison now. Imagine how your health will improve.

Imagine the things you can achieve with newfound energy, clarity of thought, and purpose. Imagine the existing relationships you will heal and the future ones you will form. If you imagined an infinitely better reality for yourself with the scenario in which you quit drinking, I promise you; it doesn’t have to be just your imagination. All these things have changed for me and more when I quit drinking for good: I lost 60 pounds; my hypertension went away; the pain in my lower abdomen (quite possibly severe liver damage) went away for good, and my relationships improved, to name a few.

The Time Is Now​

So you can see why there is no time to wait, why the time to take action is now. Let the vision you just created for your future motivate you to decide that this is the turning point, the day you will begin to create the life you imagine. You don’t need to wait. I hope you’ll visit my website today, where you will find my free webinar and ebook download of Alcohol Lied to Me. I would be privileged to lead you through this remarkable transformation, as I have many others.

The time is now!

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