Does Alcohol Help Deal With Stress & Worry?

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Does Alcohol Help Deal With Stress?

Does Alcohol Help Deal With StressHow many times has life twisted in a direction that you didn’t much like and found yourself reaching for the vodka or wine?

A friend recently asked me if alcohol actually was a good tool to help us deal with the stress and struggle of life.

I know this viewpoint very well indeed because I used to use alcohol to help me deal with life.

If a big credit card bill arrived then out would come the Whiskey. If I had a tough day at work then I would stop off at the store on the way home and load up on beer and wine to help see me through the night.

I believed the crappy day gave me an excuse. I had a license to drink and who could really blame me?

Does Alcohol Help Deal With Stress?

But the reality is alcohol does not help deal with stress, it simply acts as an anesthetic and dims our awareness of problems.

That might initially sound like a benefit but it really isn’t. Human beings are highly adaptable and very resilient, it is why we are at the top of the food chain.

Time heals and we can get over virtually everything that life throws at us if we are just given enough time.

Drinking alcohol makes this process longer because large amounts of time are paused (while we are unconscious).

Imagine that you have lots of problems, everything is going wrong.

Your health is poor and money is tight… on the way home you get hit by a bus and put in a coma for three months.

Do you think that when you awoke in 3 months time that all your problems will be over?

Almost certainly not, just because you were not conscious does not mean your health is still poor or that the money problems have gone away.

This is how we must think about trying to fix life with alcohol!

Alcohol is not the solution to any problem, it’s just very good at making you think that. Alcohol is by its very nature a problem itself. If you are drinking then you have a problem – end of story.

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