Does alcohol cause high blood pressure?

Does alcohol cause high blood pressure?

Many drinkers have high blood pressure and often wonder if alcohol is the root cause.

The answer I am afraid is; most likely yes.

It is so common that the medical industry has a term for it. Alcohol induced hyper tension.

You may expect the problem to be the result of alcohol affecting blood vessels but it is a little more complex and dangerous than that.

Your body is an amazing machine, breathtaking in it’s power and complexity.

Even while you are sleeping there is a part of your being that constantly keeps watch on all your vital functions.

  • Your heart beats without any conscious desire or input.
  • Your breathing is always at the correct rate.
  • Your body temperature is kept to an optimum level.

The central nervous system is responsible for doing all this and much more.

does alcohol cause high blood pressureAlcohol badly interferes with the way your central nervous system operates. It becomes over energetic and starts to make mistakes.

I am sure you can see how bad a mistake it is to allow this part of your body to make mistakes.

Essentially your central nervous system is drunk. You probably wouldn’t want a drunk surgeon to operate on you and it is just as crazy to allow a drunk to control your heart and respiratory system.

Back when I was a drinker I always had borderline hypertension. I was shocked when I stopped drinking alcohol because within one month.

My blood pressure had not only improved but returned to a perfectly normal level.

I was so surprised I asked the doctor to take my blood pressure three times.

Alcohol induced hypertension causes strokes, heart attacks and a whole heap of health problems you don’t want!

Can alcohol cause high blood pressure? Look, if you are searching for stuff like this – you should see this as a warning sign of Alcohol Use Disorder in and of itself.

Decide now and take action before it’s too late

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