Diane Abbott’s Mojito Is A Bigger Issue Than Some May Think

UK member of Parliament Diane Abbott is back in the press for all the wrong reasons. This time she has been snapped swigging from a can of pre-mixed alcoholic cocktail while heading home on the London overground rail service.

The papers are focusing on the fact that consuming alcohol on the London public transport system is illegal and as a politician, she should firstly, not be breaking the law and secondly be setting a better example.

While I agree that a member of parliament should be above such behavior. It’s a pretty silly mistake for someone constantly in the public eye, but then she isn’t the first drinker to make a bad choice. However, I believe that the question of law of breaking is just the tip of the iceberg.

Firstly, what does it say about someone that they can’t wait the 30-40 minutes required to get home before they break open the alcohol?

Should we be reporting this as ‘normal’ or perhaps highlighting it for what I believe it really is. An indicator of how we have normalized the use of a dangerous drug into everyday society.

If someone started injecting heroin on public transport, or even smoking these days… but apparently alcohol is considered acceptable, but why?

What did social media have to say?

diane abbot drinking tweet

When I saw this story I went to social media to see what the comments were like. I expected to see the usual hate and abuse that the likes of Twitter appear to attract like a dirt magnet. I was shocked to see that generally, people were defending her. The statements of support varied but more often than not the theme was ‘so what? we all need a drink after a hard day at work’.

Some social media followers stated that they often needed several drinks on the way home to shake off the stress and pressure of the day. Needless, to say the delusion of such deeply embedded beliefs is shocking at the least and deeply worrying when you dig a little deeper.

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Alcohol and the bubble of unreality

  1. We live in a world where people believe that drinking a depressant is a solution to low mood.
  2. Alcohol kills 3,000,000 a year, it is a registered poison and causes 7 major forms of cancer, and yet it is the people who refuse to drink it who are considered weird, boring and unusual.
  3. Alcohol is a highly addictive drug that uses endless rounds of ‘carrot and stick’ motivation to keep the user in the loop. Yet, we believe somebody drinking alcohol on a train is doing so ‘as a little treat’ and not a drug user hopelessly lost in a cycle of addiction.

Medical professionals are reporting that the demographic of people turning up at emergency rooms with failing livers are shifting. Once it was only the middle-aged and upwards who were presenting with a serious liver problem, thanks to a lifetime of alcohol use. These days doctors are seeing younger and younger people presenting with the same fatal problems once reserved for much older folk.

sold a lie

We are being sold a lie

Big alcohol, Hollywood, the press, and social media has created a distorted reality. Alcohol is portrayed as our friend, an essential lubricant to the daily grind of life. The truth we refuse to admit is alcohol is the sand in our engine. The creator of stress, the cause not the solution.

Until we stop labeling this sociopathic, evil drug as a harmless social pleasantry and creating funny ‘wine-o’clock’ meme’s on Facebook the problem is going to get much worse before it even starts to get better.

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Ready to pull your head out of the sand?

If you have had enough of living inside the insanity we have created around this drug. Click here to join me for a free quit drinking webinar today – I will even give you a free copy of my bestselling book ‘Alcohol Lied To Me’ as a thank you for turning up.

The reality is, this drug is not a harmless social pleasantry, it is the destroyer of life, peace, happiness, and purpose. Diane Abbott would be a better politician without the attractively packaged poison flowing around her blood and brain.