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college drinkingCollege drinking problems: Alcohol usage in a university has become a ritual that most undergrads see as an essential part of their learning experience. Lots of pupils come to college with the intentions of devoting a greater part of their weekends in fraternity houses or at the clubs, but at what point is college-level alcohol consumption considered too extreme?

Lots of alcohol problems in university student are related to binge drinking, which means that university students are drinking sizable amounts of booze in short periods of time with the objectives of “blacking out.”.

College drinking can have adverse consequences on the lives of a university student in regards to their academics, their ability to make sensible decisions and their health.

“Alcohol consumption becomes a problem when it is a risk to the health and safety of a student– affecting their school work, outside jobs, relationships and daily performance,” said psychologist Kristin Smith, West Chester University’s Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

College-level drinking doesn’t blend particularly well with waking up early in the day, so going to class can be a battle for many undergrads.
“After a night of alcohol consumption I hardly ever make it to lessons the next morning. I typically spend the entire day lying in bed with a pounding migraine, and the only time I make it out of bed is when I need to run to the bathroom,” said West Chester University student Amy Jones.

Lots of university student face academic repercussions from drinking such as skipping class, falling behind in class, performing badly on exams or papers and receiving lesser grades generally.

Although most pupils choose to not go to class when they are struggling with a hangover, those who do may be physically present, but not intellectually present, resulting in them to not pay attention and hamper their ability to fully understand the facts.

Students are also discovering that alcohol use interferes with their job when they are not showing up on time, or at all, to work.

“After an evening of drinking, I set my alarm to wake up for work the next day, but I end up sleeping right through it,” said university student Matt Moore.

Nat Turner, one more student, said, “Often, I get so intoxicated that I set my alarm for 9:00 p.m. rather than 9:00 a.m. when I have a 10:00 a.m. shift and I end up stumbling into work three hrs late.”.

When College Drinking Goes Wrong

College drinking can also have an adverse impact on individuals’ relationships with colleagues and loved ones.Drinking too much can cause an individual to end up being moody, defensive, abusive or hostile, leading to a change in personality.As time goes on, relationships with family members, friends and classmate can become strained and distant due to constant conflicts.

Jon Thompson, another learner at the university, described how his relationship with his girlfriend was impacted due to binge drinking.

“I couldn’t control myself when it pertained to drinking. I would see my date talking to another guy and instantly become jealous. It got so unpleasant that one time at the bar, I ended up attacking a faultless gentleman just for talking to my girlfriend,” said Thompson. “I wound up with glass from a smashed lager bottle in my face and blood was all over. We both got kicked out of the bar, and my girlfriend never contacted me again,” said Thompson

getting soberWhy do students down so much to the point that they lose self-control? Is it enjoyable to “blackout” and wake up the next morning trying to fill in the missing pieces from the evening before?

“Learners who are more socially nervous feel that drinking helps them loosen up and break out of their shell, but most of the time they are affected by regrettable behaviors and feel more down on themselves in the long run,” said Dr. Smith.

Most college students are going to drink alcohol through their many years at school; nonetheless, being aware of when drinking ends up being excessive is incredibly crucial.

“If there’s a pattern that a person needs to be drinking or finds themselves drunk most of the time, it is essential to ask exactly why, and figure out what is leading the student to do that. Is the individual’s goal being achieved by drinking too much?” said Dr. Smith.

Each student has their own thinking as to why they consume alcohol, whether it is to break out of their shell, celebrate the weekend or just because they like the feeling drinking alcohol gives them. But how do they know when it’s excessive?

Students can observe indications of misusing alcohol when they are skipping class or work, having issues in their relationships or having difficulty with day-to-day functions. Lessened alcohol consumption can positively impact the life and success of college students. It is essential that students stay conscious of the damaging repercussions associated with extreme alcohol usage.

The successful college student is one who can maintain a healthy equilibrium of alcohol usage and responsibility.

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