Christmas Drinks: How to Stay In Control This Holiday Season

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Christmas Drinks: How to Stay In Control

Yes, we all intend to party during the holiday season. You can’t have Christmas without Christmas drinks, right? Well, more men and women are very likely to consume alcohol over and above their limits during this season than at other time of the year.

A good few will experience unfavorable repercussions that vary from fights with family and friends to stumbles to car accidents. Unfortunately, we frequently put ourselves and other people in danger because we do not comprehend exactly how alcohol affects us throughout a night of Christmas drinking.

Alcohol Acts Fast

christmas without alcoholHoliday season revelers may not recognize that crucial decision-making capabilities and driving-related skills are already diminished long before an individual shows bodily indications of intoxication.

At first, alcohol serves as a positive mood catalyst, so individuals who are out for Christmas drinks might feel upbeat and excited. But don’t be deceived. This is a clever trick to make you see alcohol is a positive light.

Booze quickly reduces inhibitions and intelligence and can lead to careless choices. You may believe that alcohol makes you funny but it really just makes you stupid.

As we consume more booze, reaction time suffers and behavior ends up being poorly controlled and sometimes even belligerent. This can end up with us in fights and other kinds of violence. Continued alcohol consumption induces the famous slurred speech and loss of balance that we typically associate with being intoxicated.

At greater levels, alcohol acts as a sedative, which causes the drinker to end up being sleepy and sometimes lose consciousness. At these degrees, alcohol can also cause blackouts. This is when a drinker does not recall what took place whilst he or she was tanked up. Keep going and at even greater levels, drinkers face the danger of deadly alcoholic overdose due to the body being unable to cope with the load.

Forget The Cup Of Coffee Myth

During a night of drinking, it’s also easy to misjudge how long booze’s impacts endure. For instance, many people believe that they will start to recover once they quit drinking. Perhaps they will be able to drive home after they have had a cup of coffee or two.

The reality is that alcohol continues to influence the mind and body long after the final alcoholic beverage has been finished. After someone ceases drinking, alcohol in the abdomen and intestine continues to drip feed into the blood stream, hindering judgment and control for many hours.

Plan Your Lift Home

Of course, we don’t mean to hurt anybody when we party during the Xmas holiday. Yet, physical violence and road deaths continue, and misconceptions about alcohol consumption never go away. Even though many scientific reports have recorded how alcohol impacts the brain and physical body.

Alcohol is directly responsible for 2,500,000 deaths per year – that’s the bitter pill we need to swallow.

Because people are so different, it is difficult to give targeted guidance about alcohol consumption. But certain truths are obvious. There’s no way to sober up quicker and no possibility that you will make good choices when you are consuming alcohol to excess.

So, this holiday season, do not undervalue the impacts of booze.

Alcohol Myths and Facts

christmas drinksMyth: You are safe to drive a vehicle provided that you are not slurring your words or behaving erratically.

Truth: The control required for driving a vehicle is jeopardized long before you present signs of drunkenness and your response time is slowed. Additionally, the sedative consequences of alcohol increase your danger of sleeping or losing focus behind the wheel. If you can smell booze on someone, take their car keys off them!

Myth: Drinking a strong espresso will sober you up quick.

Truth: High levels of caffeine may assist with sleepiness but not with the consequences of booze on decision-making or control skills. The human body requires time to metabolize (process) alcohol. Likewise, when the caffeine wears off, your body will need to take care of post-caffeine drowsiness too. There are no quick cures for alcohol overuse, only time will help.

Myth: The warm sensation you get from drinking a glass of whiskey protects you from the cold of wintertime. So much so that when you’re drinking, there’s no need to wear a coat when it’s chilly outdoors.

Truth: Booze broadens the tiny blood vessels directly below the skin layer, so they rapidly fill with warm blood. This makes you feel warm or even hot. This can cause your skin to flush and perspire. But your body temp is really going down because while alcohol is drawing warmth from your center to the skin surface.

It is also hampering the region of your mind that controls temperature ordinance. In chilly environments, this can result in hypothermia without evening being aware of it.

So, wear a coat when it’s cold outside, especially if you are drinking alcohol.

Need Some Help

If you are ready to try a happy sober Christmas or are planning to quit drinking in the new year, add this page to your bookmarks and come back often. For more information on the Stop Drinking Expert program click here.

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