Anthony Hopkins Talks About His Alcohol Addiction


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Alcohol Addiction Nearly Cost Anthony Hopkins Everything!

anthony hopkinsAnthony Hopkins opened up on his battle with alcoholism and claimed he was “extremely difficult to work with” due to the fact that he was often terribly hung over.

The Oscar-winning superstar of blockbuster movies including The Silence Of The Lambs and Legends Of The Fall addressed a crowd of students in Hollywood about his life and career.

Anthony, 80, discussed his past problems with alcohol and the effect it had on his early work in theatre.

You drink because that’s just what you do!

He said: “Simply because that’s what you do in theatre, you imbibe my dear. However, I was very challenging to work with, as well, due to the fact that I was often in a bad mood as a result.”

Hopkins added he had been “ashamed, broken and not to be entrusted with anything” whilst he was consuming alcohol on a daily basis.

The Welsh actor told how he turned his life around following a talk with a woman from AA in the winter of 1975.

He explained the lady asked him, “why don’t you just turn to The Lord?” and from then on the desire to drink was “gone and never to return”.

Speaking to about 500 scholars at the University Of California, L.A last week, Hopkins, who was made a knight of the British realm in the early nineties for services to the performing arts. He stated that he got involved in acting “simply because he had nothing better to do“, adding he was “not at all intelligent” in college and was frequently picked on by the brighter kids.

Nothing better to do!

Hopkins advised the scholars: “I believe that we are capable of so much more than we set our minds to.

“From my own existence, I still can not believe that my daily life is what it is since I should have kicked the bucket back in the UK, smashed out of my mind or something like that.”

He now lives in Malibu with his leading lady wife, Stella Arroyave, and encouraged students to, “say yes to everything. Say yes and take the possibility of risk or reward”.

For anyone who anticipates their future decades with some uneasiness, Sir Anthony Hopkins is a fitting role model. He is 80, and more content than he has ever been.

Happier than ever

This is due to a mixture of factors: his relationship with his spouse of 15 yrs, Stella, who has encouraged him to keep healthy and to diversify into drawings and other artwork. Also to try his hand at classic composition; the soothing of his internal fire, but more than anything – to keep working!

Hopkins likes to perform – it is in his blood. A lot of his self-confidence and vigor originates directly from his acting career “Oh, yes, work has kept me moving forward in life.”

After filming a movie in Italy, Hopkins is returning to the role of King Leah.

Today, he really believes he’s got King Lear perfectly, and scarcely anybody would argue. In an amazing and talents cast, Emma Thompson takes on Goneril; Emily Watson, Regan; Jim Broadbent, Gloucester;  Andrew Scott, Edgar. However, it’s Hopkins who commands the right to top of the bill though.

The silver king

He is wonderful: his silver locks close-cropped, his manner like an angry bullock, a terrifying tyrant losing power like a snake dropping its skin. Oh yes, and a drinker who drops into a terrifying furor at the click of a finger.

Hopkins believes that King Lear is actually terrified of women, cannot understand them. Thus the terrible specificity of the burdens he pours on his older daughters, cursing their fertility and womanhood. He pursues refuge in males, encircling himself with a boisterous man army.

The scenes where Lear wishes to bring his procession to Regan’s home are nostalgic of a terrible, all-boys-together drinking session.

Where men were men!

“I come from a part of the world where men were expected to be men.

There’s absolutely nothing soft or emotional about any of us, where we are from in the Welsh valleys. Sounds tough, but there’s a negative side to that as well. We’re not great at receiving love or even supplying it in many cases. We do not understand it.

After Richard Burton died, his younger brother invited me to a famous hotel in London where they were all having a get-together, the actor’s partners, and the all guys.

All drunk.

And I noticed the ladies were supping their glasses of sherry, but all the guys were, ‘BEER, BEER & MORE BEER’ I thought, ‘There’s a little something very Grecian about all this.’ All males bonded together. It’s not anything about sexuality, but it is a type sexual energy, a type of unspoken connection.

That’s what I was visualizing.”

Hopkins often employs his own personal history to battle his way into a character. Little incidents that persist and linger in his mind, real individuals who have depth and meaning.

Sober celebrities

aaAnthony Hopkins is just another sober celebrity helping to change perceptions that fame and booze do not have to go hand in hand.

Slowly in certain circles, it is becoming cool to be a non-drinker but the change is not happening fast enough. The United States is seeing rates of alcoholism and binge drinking go through the roof in the last 3 years.

We need more big Hollywood names like Hopkins being sober and proud of it.

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