Are You An Alcoholic?

If you are asking that question. This may be the most important video you ever watch:

Are You An Alcoholic?

Alcoholic… a word with as much stigma attached to it as herpes, certainly a label nobody wants applied to him or her. Alcoholics Anonymous would most certainly say that you are, and their definition of an ‘alcoholic’ is described like this:

AA insist that you stand up and label yourself as an alcoholic before you can even think about getting back on the road to recovery. You must forever more force yourself to avoid alcohol and accept the position of being a recovering alcoholic.

What a utterly depressing situation to be in, no wonder more people don’t even consider taking action over their drinking.

The Stop Drinking Expert method works so well because I state quite clearly that you are not an alcoholic because no such thing exists.

The word alcoholic implies that there is something broken about you. Alcohol is an addictive poison; if you drink it often enough two things will automatically happen.

  • You will get ill
  • You will get addicted

So first, stop beating yourself up! The use of the word alcoholic as a label for people out of control of alcohol implies that there are ‘normal’ people who can drink poison and get away with it.

Let’s put it another way; if I sprinkled itching powder into your underwear and you started to scratch uncontrollably… would you accept the label of ‘scratchaholic’?

Of course not, you would understand that the noxious substance was causing the unpleasant symptoms and not some defect in your personality or character.

Getting addicted to alcohol is the automatic and logical response to its consumption.

Just as soon as you get started with my online program you will discover that you are not an alcoholic, weak willed, defective or any other negative label you can think of.

In the Stop Drinking Expert online cure we help people just like you to get back in control of alcohol and break the destructive loop that booze creates in your life.

You should trust me on this, if you want to discover how to stop drinking, decide now and join my online club today.

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