New Research: Even Small Amounts Of Alcohol Will Shorten Your Life


Alcohol Will Shorten Your Life

alcohol will shorten your lifeI have said it until I am blue in the face: There is not one single benefit to alcohol! Not one!

Now, occasionally someone will challenge me on that statement. Just yesterday I got a very angry email from a woman who said; ‘red wine has been scientifically proven to be good for you – so how about that‘?

After I finished screaming at the wall, I replied:

The story that red wine is good for you is a story ruthlessly peddled and propagated by the alcoholic drinks industry. If you look into the funding of any such research study. Buried in the small print you will find some company connect to the drinking manufacturers.

The Truth

The truth is red grape juice has just as much antioxidants as red wine – but you don’t hear people waxing lyrical about that. Why? because it does not help them defend a common drug addiction.

Red wine is not good for your heart.

New research released today makes the picture even clearer.

An analysis of nearly 600,000 people discovered people consuming more than 100 grams of liquor weekly. That’s around five 175ml glasses of red or white wine or pints of beer. They all had an escalated risk of premature mortality.

The study analyzed 599,910 existing drinkers in near twenty different nations. None of who had a recognized history of heart disease. They discovered a surge in all causes of mortality when more than 100g of alcohol was consumed every week.

According to the review, a 40-year-old who regularly consumes around 200g and 350g of booze per week, about 10 to 18 glasses of wine or liquid measures of lager, has a lower lifespan of about one to two yrs.

Consuming more alcohol was also connected to hypertension, gout, stroke, heart failure, and terminal aneurysm risk.

How Much Is Too Much

I was lambasted on social media the other day by someone who said that my old drinking behavior was not that bad. He proclaimed that I certainly wasn’t an alcoholic. You be the judge: For nearly a decade I drank two bottles of wine a day plus a bottle of spirits over the weekend.

According to this new research that’s enough to strip a decade of my life away and see me in an early grave.

It’s easy to find someone who drinks more than you and comes to the conclusion that what you are doing is ‘not that bad’. However, that won’t stop this attractively packaged poison from trying to kill you.

Not heart healthy

how to stop drinking bookThe findings sustain recently lowered guidelines in parts of Europe, which advise that both men and women really should not drink more than 14 units or 112g of pure alcohol in a week. This equates to around six pints of 4 percent strength beer or six 175ml glasses of 13 percent wine.

The study did discover that the alcohol intake is connected to a reduced risk of non-fatal heart attacks. BUT that this is outweighed by the increased risk of other serious and potentially terminal cardiac conditions.

“The research study demonstrates that, on balance, there are no health and wellness advantages from consuming booze. Of course, this is typically the case when things seem too good to be true,” says Dr. Chico, at the University of Sheffield, who was not directly associated with the research study.

It’s Time To Deal With This

Alcohol has one mission, one goal! To kill you. I encourage you to ignore the PR and the spin and take control. Because one thing the research study failed to mention is: that many of the people who died early because of their drinking also spent a significant portion of their remaining time dealing with serious disease and illness.

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