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With Craig Beck (The Stop Drinking Expert)

Craig Beck ABNLP. DhP.

You are not alone... The alcohol trap is unique for everyone. Often alcoholism is only the symptom of a larger problem. Uncovering the source of the problem is a key part of the cure.

For professional people, alcohol addiction can have devastating consequences to their reputation, income and personal life. In these cases dealing with the problem swiftly in a private manner becomes a top priority.

If you want the very best chance of dealing with this addiction swiftly and effectively,  I always recommend the Lifetime Pro membership option. The only package which also offers live one to one sessions with me as an upgrade.

Private one to one coaching with Craig is often a more confidential alternative to expensive rehab or embarrassing group therapy such as AA.

In your live video session we will talk openly and freely about how why you think you use alcohol and what benefit you currently believe it is giving you.

From there we can devise a personalized plan of attack.

  • Private 40 minute therapy session
  • Completely non-judgemental (Craig is a former addict not a doctor)
  • Friendly and supportive advice from someone who understands.
  • Scheduled at a time convenient time for you
  • Sessions are strictly private and confidential
  • Via Skype, Facetime or Phone

Reserve your session time now.

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Terms & Conditions:

One to one sessions are only available to Lifetime members of the Stop Drinking Expert program.

If you fail to attend your session you will forfeit the fee for that session. Requests to change appointment times must be agreed at least 48 hours before your scheduled session.

Craig Beck reserve the right to cancel future sessions in cases of disruptive or abusive communication or if it appears that more intensive medical treatment is required. In these situations future session fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

You undertake the coaching on the strict understanding that Craig Beck is NOT a medical doctor and his private life coaching should not be considered a substitute for professional medical assistance.

Your contract with Craig Beck is as former problem drinker and life coach only.

No guarantees of sobriety are offered. Individual results may vary.

Questions? [email protected]