What is alcohol poisoning?

alcohol kills

What is alcohol poisoning?

What is alcohol poisoning?Over 50,000 people a year are admitted to hospital per year in the United Kingdom with alcohol poisoning.

In the United States 50 students die every year as a result of alcohol poisoning! That might not sound a lot but that’s just among the student population and it doesn’t cover road traffic accidents caused by alcoholism or any other alcohol related fatalities.

This is just deaths as a direct result of alcohol poisoning.

But we have accepted a very strange and twisted view of why and how this happens.

We tend to forget that alcohol is a registered poison so the fact that when you consume enough of it you can be considered to have been poisoned should not come as a surprise to us.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include vomiting, confusion, dizziness and unconsciousness.

If you are still drinking, these will be familiar and perhaps even regular symptoms.

The brainwashing around alcohol being something other than a dangerous and toxic chemical is so deeply engrained into society that we do some rather ludicrous things as a result.

What is alcohol poisoning?

If your friend accidentally eat some poisonous mushrooms and became violently ill, would you suggest the best cure would be to eat more mushrooms?

Of course not that would be completely insane, wouldn’t it? And yet when we wake in the morning with all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, someone will often suggest hair of the dog to cure the problem. This is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline and yet many people claim that it works.

Make today the day you stop drinking poison for fun…

About the author: Craig Beck has helped thousands of people to stop drinking alcohol on their own and without any embarrassing group therapy or expensive rehab. If you want to discover how to stop drinking check out his website.

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Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert

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