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Alcoholism news articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Alcohol Is Killing 15 People A Day in Australia

alcohol kills

Alcohol Is Killing 15 People A Day in Australia Up to 15 individuals pass away and greater than 440 are admitted to hospital every day in Australia due to alcohol-related diseases, new study shows. The report shows that in 2010, extreme and long-term usage of alcohol led to 5,554 deaths and 157,139 emergency room admissions. […]

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Is alcoholism hereditary – Rats Say No!

Is alcoholism hereditary? Is alcoholism hereditary? A UK newspaper recently ran an article about how alcohol abuse could damage future generations. They did this via the (exciting sounding) system of generational epigenetics. This is an emotive topic, combining a commonplace habit (drinking beer and wine) with a frightening outcome. To start with, the research was […]

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