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Alcoholism news articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

2020 Sucks! But Has It Turned You Into A Problem Drinker?

2020 sucks

Has 2020 Turned You Into A Drinker? We have all been pitched in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety with the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic. With authorities advising folks to remain at home to help handle the proliferation of the virus and the prospect of fluctuating amounts of “solitary confinement” for weeks ahead, the […]

Naltrexone Alcohol Medication For Problem Drinking Explained

Back to Social Drinking

Considering Naltrexone Alcohol Medication When I finally threw in the towel and acknowledged that I had zero control over the booze. For what I thought was the final time in July of 2007, I managed to go an astounding nine calendar months sober at the same time preserving a successful career and family life. I […]

Sober Celebrities: 15 Superstars Who Quit Drinking For Good

Sober Celebrities - Drew Barrymore

15 Sober Celebrities Leading By Example Whether you like it or not people copy what the stars do, so we really need sober celebrities out there. It is important to have role models in recovery. They give us hope for the future. These sober celebrities make great recovery role models. Keyword(s): sober celebrities Getting on […]

Effects Of Alcohol On Your Family

Effects Of Alcohol

Effects Of Alcohol: Is It Time For Sobriety? Nearly 10 percent of all AMERICAN men and women and young adults struggle against the effects of alcohol. They are dealing with diagnosable alcohol addiction or problem drinking. Additionally, countless other Americans drink to dangerous excess at least occasionally. The community and national repercussions of alcohol consumption […]

British MP Diane Abbott ‘sorry’ for drinking mojito on train

Diane Abbot Mojito

Diane Abbott’s Mojito Is A Bigger Issue Than Some May Think UK member of Parliament Diane Abbott is back in the press for all the wrong reasons. This time she has been snapped swigging from a can of pre-mixed alcoholic cocktail while heading home on the London overground rail service. The papers are focusing on […]

3 Reasons Why AA Is Rarely The Answer To Problem Drinking

It's Okay To Hate Alcoholics Anonymous.jpg

Why It’s Okay To HATE Alcoholic’s Anonymous What is the answer to problem drinking? If you develop a drinking problem, where do you go? Don’t say Alcoholics Anonymous until you read this! The answer to problem drinking has never been the obvious choice. The initial pioneers turned up with a fantastic desire for bourbon and […]

The 5 movies about alcoholism every drinker must see

Movies About Alcoholism

Movies About Alcoholism You Must See: At my Quit Drinking Bootcamp’s I talk a lot about movies about alcoholism. I advise everyone to watch the movie ‘Click’ starring Adam Sandler. The film is not about alcohol but it’s very easy to replace the universal remote control that causes all the trouble with alcohol. I encourage […]

Is Alcoholism Hereditary And Can We Just Blame Our Parents?

Is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary? Is alcoholism hereditary? Well, first, we all have a choice to consume alcohol or otherwise. Whether you stem from an extensive line of strong problem drinkers or from a lengthy line of completely dry health-nuts, the decision to drink alcohol is the same for all of us. Gene Heyman, a psychotherapist, and […]

Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol Instead Of Looking To Cut Back

Giving up alcohol can be easy

‘Quit Drinking Alcohol’ Is The ‘New Red Wine Is Good For Your Heart’ Quit drinking alcohol, really? It wasn’t long ago that the court of popular opinion kept that a glass of red wine with an evening meal wasn’t only alright for you, it was positively great for you. However, it looks like thoughts are […]

Scientists discover new evidence that alcohol addiction could be genetic

dna alcoholism

Researchers pinpoint alcohol tolerance gene An alcohol tolerance gene has been discovered by researchers that might ultimately result in a test to observe how effectively individuals can hold their drink. Scientists also think that the advancement might help detect individuals who are more vulnerable to alcoholism later on in life. The organization considered how highly […]

Do You Drink Everyday But Still Insist That You Are Not An Alcoholic?

adrian chiles

Is daily drinking normal? British people have been discussing their drinking habits after radio presenter Adrian Chiles disclosed he had worked it out. And was shocked to discover he downs over one hundred units of alcohol a week. That’s greater than 7 times the nationally advised amount for a man. He stated that his alcohol […]

The reported health benefits of red wine may be just fake news

red wine

Are the health benefits of red wine just a misunderstanding? Red wine is good for you, right? It’s a comforting idea and one that red wine enthusiasts have taken exceptional consolation in. Cozily smug in the knowledge that theirs is a beneficial transgression, and possibly not even a real sin anyway. However, does this long-held […]