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Alcohol causes cancer, there is no longer any debate about that.

Alcohol Diseases: 14 Health Problems That Come from Heavy Drinking

Alcohol diseases 101

Alcohol Diseases 101 When you start looking into your drinking and the alcohol diseases you are risking, it’s a slap around the face. About 88,000 deaths result from alcohol abuse each year in the United States. Individuals with alcohol diseases die 30 years earlier than expected. Alcohol touches every part of your work, school, and social […]

We listen to our hangover more than we listen to the experts!

bad hangover

It’s the hangover stupid! It is not health research or government advice around problem drinking but the gut reaction and the memories of deadly hangovers from past social events that are coaxing individuals to reduce their alcohol consumption, according to a report by analysts at Oxford Brookes Academy. Psychiatrists at the Headington college reviewed the […]

Just One Bottle Of Wine Has The Same Cancer Risk As 10 Cigarettes

Alcohol cancer risk

Alcohol Cancer Risk Revealed A lot of problem drinkers console themselves that ‘at least they don’t smoke’ etc. Society has woken up to the truth about tobacco products. Despite how much Big Tobacco tried to persuade people their cigarettes were safe. However, we are not so clear about the alcohol cancer risk, or so it […]