Alcohol And Weight Gain: Does Drinking Make You Fat?

The answer is a roundly agreed yes, BUT perhaps not for the reason that most people think. I have just watched a video by DrinkAware UK stating that a regular daily drinker adds over 2000 calories to their diet every week.

Shocking right?

Well, it would be if the old (scientifically flawed) theory that calories in compared to calories out determines if you gain or lose weight.

Forget about the calories!

Alcohol and weight gain has very little to do with the number of calories consumed, fat is created by a GROWTH hormone called insulin. If you eat foods that cause a rapid increase in your blood sugar levels then the body will release insulin – it is this response of the human body that causes weight gain.

Alcohol does not cause a direct insulin response from the pancreas (unless it has added sugar – such as dessert wines and cocktails). The reason you put on weight when you lose control of your drinking is down to the way alcohol affects your metabolism.

Gas in the tank

Alcohol is an energy-dense fuel, very much like gasoline – it even burns like gas. When you drink alcohol your body has a very lazy way of powering your body. All of a sudden there is a very powerful liquid fuel sloshing around in your body that can be burnt with very little effort. Your body takes the path of least resistance and burns this easy fuel.

What this means is that every other source of fuel in your body (including the big three-course meal you had to accompany your fine red wine) is now redundant. This unused fuel can’t just be left in the stomach or allowed to swim around the bloodstream, it must be stored.

Alcohol And Weight Gain


Alcohol And Weight Gain

Essentially… alcohol can’t be stored for later but cake can!

Alcohol is the exception to the rule but in all other cases, the body stores unused energy as fat… switching to vodka won’t prevent you from getting fat and ill!

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