how does alcohol affect your weight

A Common Question: How does alcohol affect your weight?

How does alcohol affect your weight? There is a lot of misinformation about regarding how drinking alcohol affects weight gain. This is driven by two factors.

Firstly, by drinker confirmation bias. This means that we tend to go looking for information that backs up our current belief structure.

Dr. Google

how does alcohol affect your weightHave you ever had a health problem and turned to Dr. Google for a diagnosis. Were you shocked and terrified that Google’s informed opinion is nearly always that you have cancer or something terrible and are about to drop down dead?

In the vast majority of cases, we had nothing to worry about. However, we approach that search with fear at the center of our focus. We search for the thing we fear the most.

Well, when it comes to drinkers. They only want to hear information that supports their continuation of drinking. They are very open to stories that red wine is good for you heart and alcohol cannot be stored as fat etc.

Fake News?

They don’t care or even want to know that these news stories that pop up on your Facebook feed are drip fed into society by the public relation departments of the alcoholic beverage companies.

This devious pushing of misinformation by the industry is the second factor.

The truth hurts, as they say. Red wine is as good for your heart as grape juice is but you don’t hear people preaching about the benefits of drinking that every day do you?

So How Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight?

An Element of Truth

Like most spun news stories, there is an element of truth to it. It is true that the body cannot store alcohol as fat. This may at first glance appear to be a benefit but hold your horses.

Alcohol is fuel; it has no nutritional value to it. When you drink it, because it can only be used as fuel it must be burnt first, before anything else you have consumed.

The body burns about 1 unit of alcohol per hour. A standard bottle of wine contains around ten units.

Fuel & Nothing More

So, if you drink a bottle of wine before going to bed, your body is going to burn nothing but alcohol for the next 10 hours. All that food you enjoyed. Plus the snacks that followed because you felt peckish again a few hours later are going to be processed by your digestive system.

However, because you have no requirement for any more energy, every single calorie from that food is going to have to go somewhere else. That place is your ass.

But It Get’s Worse Than That

Alcohol is a dangerous poison. It causes mayhem to the usual routines and processes of your body. One of these vital functions is the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Booze makes your body incorrectly dump certain essentials elements as waste matter instead of absorbing them to sustain critical services of the body and mind.

Let’s say for example that your body is dangerously low in potassium because alcohol has prevented it being absorbed in the correct rate.

The Prime Directive

The prime directive of your subconscious is to stay alive and so it doesn’t waste time asking you if you would like to eat something high in potassium. It will activate the chemical release in your brain that tells you that you are hungry and it’s time to eat.

However, because you are intoxicated, you are unlikely to listen to what your body is craving (like a banana, etc.). You are more likely to order takeout or raid the cupboards for chips and dips.

So, you eat (as instructed to do by your subconscious) but something is wrong. The potassium deficiency has not been corrected. Logical really, after all the alcohol is still preventing the correct absorption rate. So, your subconscious fails to switch to the hunger chemicals because the job has not been done.

The Destructive Loop

The result of this destructive loop is you eat poor quality foods, in vast quantities and all the time fail to get the nutrients your body so desperately desires. This is why we now see an increasing number of obese individuals suffering from malnutrition.

Yes, it’s possible to be fat and malnourished at the time time.

Alcohol is a Compulsive Liar

bbc radioYou may be asking how does alcohol affect your weight and I don’t want to stray from the question too much. However, alcohol is the most devious and evil drug on planet earth. Just because everything it promises is a lie.

This is a drug that makes you feel thirsty but dehydrates you the more you drink it. A drug that makes you hungry but then renders the food nutritionally useless the moment you eat it.

Make no bones about it; alcohol wants you dead. But it wants you fat, depressed and ill first.

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