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Alcohol Addiction articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Escaping The Evil Clown of Alcohol Addiction

evil clown alcohol addiction

It may seem slightly schizophrenic to suggest that you and your addiction are two separate things. However, in my many years of dealing with alcohol addicted individuals, I have never once concluded that the person in question is ‘broken’, ‘weak’ or ‘just plain stupid’. In actual fact, I have noticed that alcohol seems to pray […]

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Is it dangerous to stop drinking cold turkey?

Stop Drinking Expert Back

Is it dangerous to stop drinking alcohol cold turkey? When I write a blog article about stopping drinking there is always at least one person who objects. They state that quitting drinking without medical supervision is lethal. This is a very important subject and before we get into it let me give you a disclaimer. […]

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I drink because life’s too short & other excuses!

stop binge drinking

I drink because life’s too short! Or perhaps life is too short because you drink? Many people defend their use of alcohol with statements that on first hearing sound entirely laudable. Statements such as ‘I drink, so what? I am not hurting anyone else’, ‘I drink because life’s too short’ and I have even heard […]

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