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Alcohol Addiction articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Why Can’t I Have Just One Drink – Am I An Alcoholic?

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The difference between alcoholism and problem drinkers It is surprisingly achievable to have a drinking problem that is not described or referred to as “Alcoholic.” Lots of people make use of drinking to handle stress and anxiety but do not understand that it intensifies the issues in their daily lives. There are strategies and treatments […]

Signs that your ‘social’ drinking’ has turned into something more

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When social drinking becomes problem drinking So many everyday folks would categorize themselves as social drinkers and nothing more. They do not generally consume alcohol by themselves but do this with good friends, family members, co-workers and so forth. The only issue in this distinction? The word “social drinking” can differ from one person to […]

Understanding Alcoholism And Getting Help

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Understanding Alcoholism: 4 Prevalent Misconceptions: Misconception: Alcohol influences everybody who drinks the same. Truth: Just like every other usable drug, alcohol has various impacts on various people. Misconception: Men and women are problem drinkers given that they have individual or psychological problems that they attempt to overcome by alcohol consumption. Truth: Abusers have the same […]

Does Alcohol Rehab Work – What To Expect And Is It Worth It?

Does Alcohol Rehab Work? Going to private rehab for treatment for alcohol and drug misuse is considered the ultimate solution in the business of dependency rehabilitation. People addicted to alcohol are of course advised to look for treatment options and the law courts frequently require inpatient or outpatient treatment for those who are up against […]