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I drink because life’s too short & other excuses!

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I drink because life’s too short! Or perhaps life is too short because you drink? Many people defend their use of alcohol with statements that on first hearing sound entirely laudable. Statements such as ‘I drink, so what? I am not hurting anyone else’, ‘I drink because life’s too short’ and I have even heard […]

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What is a functioning alcoholic & are you one?

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What is a functional alcoholic? Well, this type of problem drinker often consumes just as much alcohol as any fully blown alcoholic; they just don’t exhibit the outward symptoms of dependence. This is because they have developed a tolerance for alcohol to the point that it takes so much more for them to feel the effects. […]

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The addiction to alcohol is a Growing Problem

alcohol awareness

The addiction to alcohol is a Problem! Australians may concur. Their country Australia has had an issue with alcohol usage, which has resulted in other types of misuse. “An online poll commissioned by the Foundation for Alcohol Investigation and Education also found 92% of Australians believe alcohol is connected to domestic violence,” a BBC internet […]

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Dealing With Alcohol Addiction & What to Expect

time to stop drinking

Dealing With Alcohol Addiction The determination to quit drinking alcohol can be a huge step in your life, especially if you have an addiction to it. Many people struggling with alcohol addiction need professional help to stop, and it’s a difficult thing to do. Once you have decided to do without drinking alcohol, you’ll see […]

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The Functioning Alcoholic Revealed!

worried man

The Functioning Alcoholic Revealed! Many of us are familiar with the idea of the functioning alcoholic. A man or woman who, contrary to popular stereotypes about addicts, manages to hold down a job, pay their rent, and otherwise maintain the appearance of a life unblemished by addiction problems. But actual information about high-functioning alcoholics. And […]

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When Does the “Occasional Drink” Turn into Alcoholism?

occasional drink

Hey it’s just an occasional drink right? We all like to go out and let loose from time to time. But often, that occasional drink becomes a slippery slope, leading to a serious problem with alcohol. No one, not even celebrities, is immune from developing an addiction to alcohol. In this post, we’ll discuss how […]

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