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Alcohol Addiction articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Addiction, Does It Work?

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

Using hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction is a common resort for my problem drinkers. However, does it work? I can only really answer that question from my own observation of the problem. Back when I was drinking heavily one of the first solutions I turned to was hypnosis. The reason being that it was cheap and […]

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Alcohol Evaluation: Is It Time to Review Your Drinking?

Addictive Personality

Is it Alcohol Evaluation time? Alcohol Evaluation is something you may decide to undertake if you notice your drinking becoming an issue. If you always attempt to limit yourself to a certain number of drinks and fall short every time, you might be fighting with alcoholism. ” If you find yourself repeatedly going over your […]

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Alcohol Anonymous may be better than nothing

Stop Drinking Expert Back

Alcohol Anonymous may help some, but… Alcohol Anonymous got its dawning at a meeting in 1934 in Ohio, between an entrepreneur named Bill Wilson and a physician, Bob Smith. “Bill W” and “Doctor. Bob,” as they are now known, were alcoholics. Wilson had achieved teetotalism mostly through his association with a Christian movement. Smith quit […]

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Signs of Alcohol Addiction – What To Watch For

There are various warning Signs of Alcoholism to aid detect potential alcoholic abuse. While numerous indications are recognizable, others may be harder to determine. Additionally, the severity of alcoholism may contribute to the indicators of an individual exhibit. For instance, some men and women attempt to cover their drinking misuse by only drinking in private […]

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