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Alcohol Addiction articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Why Do Alcoholics Lie About Their Addiction?

why do alcoholics lie

At some point in your life, you’ll probably know or come across someone who has dealt with alcoholism. There is a former drinker around every corner. Alcoholism is a very serious and psychological issue. It can manifest itself in symptoms like cloudy judgment and recklessness. This addiction affects millions of American adults every day. So […]

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How to Handle a Functioning Alcoholic

functioning alcoholic

Dealing With The Functioning Alcoholic Are you concerned a loved one is suffering from alcoholism but can’t quite read the signs? According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, about 20% of alcoholics are considered to be high functioning, making it difficult to diagnose and even harder to approach and get help for […]

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Are You Drinking to Help with Loneliness or Boredom?

Drinking to Help with Loneliness

Drinking to Help with Loneliness When people join my mailing list I always reach out and ask them what their primary motivation to drink is. There are a shockingly high number people who admit they drink because they are lonely or bored with their life. It’s worth noting that a lot of these individuals are […]

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Alcoholics Anonymous Is Often The First Choice But Is It The Best?

dreaming about drinking alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous, is it for you? There are a variety of reasons why Alcoholics Anonymous or the various other 12-Step programs might not help the vast majority of individuals. They range from a strong denial of there being a problem in the first place to an aversion to being a part of what they see […]

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Is There A Link Between Intelligence And Alcohol Addiction?

iq and alcohol

The Connection Between Intelligence And Alcohol Thank you to Iris on Quora for the question… is there a link between intelligence and alcohol? I have a very hands-on relationship with the members of my online stop drinking program. I can say that over the years and considering the thousands of problem drinkers I have met. […]

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Alcohol Recovery: Why You Should Start Now, Not Tomorrow

stop binge drinking

Alcohol Recovery has some common misconceptions about it. Firstly, we are directed by television shows and the movies about what happens when you develop a problem with alcoholism. Hollywood would have you believe that there are only two treatment options. Either you get dragged off into an alcohol rehab center at great expense and discomfort. […]

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