October 20

Alcohol Addiction Myths Blown Up Once And For All

Alcohol Addiction Myths

Today on the quit drinking blog I thought I would share an email from Matt. We seem to be on the same page when it comes to dealing with alcohol addiction.

I never liked the AA approach, that I am broken and will always be in ‘recovery’. Alcohol is the problem, not the person.

Hi Craig,

Alcohol Addiction MythsYou’re right about questioning the beliefs about alcohol.

I think it’s important to ask what alcohol does for you and to find alternative ways of coping and to meet the unmet emotional need. If we can find alternative ways of dealing with what alcohol has been ‘helping’ with, we can then beat the monster.

I too am disillusioned with the conventional system because it doesn’t answer this simple question and help people seek alternative ways to get what alcohol gives you.

It’s only through meeting unmet emotional needs and finding other ways of coping with problems that we can successfully stop drinking problematically.

The sheer variety of reasons people use alcohol

This alone is a reason the AA system fails people and why I’m disillusioned. In order to help people overcome alcohol, it’s imperative to understand the reasons people turn to it and to be aware of the resources that are set up.

At the same time, many of those resources set up to deal with those specific issues that might lead us to drink to excess are not knowledgeable about the problems of addiction.

Alcohol Use Disorders
Alcohol Use Disorders

Alcohol lies

When you fill in a four-column sheet of pros and cons of drinking and not drinking, this is a signpost to additional resources you should turn to in addition to addiction.

Social anxiety; feeling invisible, like you’re the quiet one, the most socially-inept one in the group.

Loneliness for example; a very complex issue; there’s social isolation (being alone when you don’t want to), there’s feeling alone in a crowd, feeling like you’re the only one feeling that way. Then there’s having no-one to talk to about how you’re feeling.

Alcohol Addiction Myths

I know alcohol is a liar and is not a benefit, it doesn’t solve problems. It feels great if you’re really suffering. The relief it offers is irresistible if you’re in a situation like I described above. Logically (conscious mind) I know it’s not a solution. But subconscious mind giving me a feeling that more is better.

What I can’t stand about the conventional system is that it doesn’t show any empathy at all. It’s too judgmental, you talk about why you started drinking and people jump to conclusions about your situation without listening.

Thanks for reading


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The Stop Drinking Expert

My approach to alcohol addiction has always to point the finger of blame at the drug and not the person. Society tends to look at problem drinkers with pity, as though they are just weak-willed individuals. This is not my experience. The vast majority of alcohol-addicted people I meet are highly functional, intelligent and otherwise successful people.

Alcohol creates a powerful loop. Breaking that vicious circle has nothing to do with willpower, intelligence or strength of character. It is all about understanding the truth.

I had an email today from a woman who said she didn’t want to quit drinking because red wine has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to health. This is a story routinely published by the PR departments of the alcohol producers. The truth is there is just as much health benefit in a glass of red grape juice – but you don’t hear people preaching that story.

Believe What You Want

free quit drinking bookDrinkers believe what they want to believe. Anything that gives them permission to take their drug.

I recently took a flight from London to Cyprus. At 7.30 AM in the morning the airport bar was full of people drinking beer, wine, and even spirits. Why? Because there is an unwritten agreement that it’s socially acceptable to drink alcohol in an airport.

When you think about that it’s 100% pure nonsense. If you did that at home, ie. poured a glass of wine to have with your cornflakes that would be a sign of alcoholism. However, if you do it in an airport it’s harmless. This is the very embodiment of insanity or drug addiction.

If you are finally ready to see the wolf hidden behind the sheep’s clothing. Escaping the alcohol addiction myths and dealing with this problem in an intelligent and logical way starts here:

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Alcohol Addiction Myths

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