The 10 Best Quit Drinking Books

10 Amazing Quit Drinking Books

As you may know, I have written several bestselling quit drinking books, the biggest and most popular being Alcohol Lied to Me. It would be a pretty pointless post if I just listed all my own books, so I thought I would give you some good options by other sobriety authors.

Quitting drinking is always a journey you take alone. However, what you don’t know is that you have a whole army behind you, and they’re armed with pens. Reading books can help you get through more in life than you could ever imagine.

Keep reading for a list of a few great sobriety books that may cause you to feel a little uncomfortable with how relatable they are but will help you when nobody else will.

Drinking: A Love Story

Drinking: A Love Story

1. Drinking: A Love Story

In this memoir, you’ll follow Caroline Knapp through all her ups and downs as she struggles with her first love: alcohol. The prose is incredibly detailed and beautiful, which may leave you wanting to put it down, but keep trucking through.

It’s highly relatable, and if what she writes on the page doesn’t motivate you, Caroline was a private person. So, it wasn’t easy for her to put everything out on the table like that. Just like getting through alcohol addiction isn’t easy.

2. This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

Another one of the best quit drinking books, as the title entails, will take you on a trip into your own mind. Annie Grace uses her own struggle with addiction to walk you through the neurological and psychological factors involved with it.

She throws in how the industry and social pressures factor into the problem as well. She also gives you helpful strategies on how to quit.

It sounds impossible, but if you’re still struggling with addiction, through reading the book, you will psychologically slow down with drinking and maybe even eventually stop completely.

Quit Drinking Books

Quit Drinking Books

3. Dry: A Memoir

Addiction can sink its teeth into anyone. Even if you seem like you’re successful to everyone who talks to you, you could be a high functioning alcoholic.

This is what Augusten Burroughs addresses in his book Dry: A Memoir. He takes you through his internal struggles with addiction.

You won’t know if you should laugh or cry while reading. His tone is very sarcastic while also being heartwarming. This makes it all the more relatable.

4. Post Office

When you first get out of rehab, it can be hard for you to get a job, and when you do find one, it’s probably not one that you want. Charles Burkowski addresses this in his novel Post Office.

Post Office is an easy read and written through a relatable point of view, so you should be able to breeze right through it. By the end, you may feel a little better about your after rehab job hunting.

5. Lit

Sometimes your addiction can be traced back to your family. In Lit, Mary Karr creates this link. She writes about how her chaotic childhood contributed directly to her addiction as an adult.

She’s another author where you’re not sure if you want to laugh or cry while reading her memoir. She uses witty humor to tell her tale. Between this humor and being a mother, her writing is relatable if you’re also a mother trying to overcome addiction.

Quit Drinking Books

Quit Drinking Books

6. Blackout

When many people go out drinking with friends, we see blacking out as something normal, like it’s bound to happen once they get started. Sarah Hepola writes about how you shouldn’t be seeing it this way in her book Blackout.

Blackout goes through in heavy detail what exactly happens to your brain when you get blackout drunk in a voice that is modern and entertaining to read.

7. Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol

Drinking is commonly marketed towards women in the media. Just look at all the wine companies that target moms. Dowsett Johnston writes about her own experience with this in Drink.

By reading this book, you’ll gain a deep understanding of why alcohol addiction is such a problem among women. This will help you in your own journey because you’ll be able to put any guilt you feel to the side and realize that you aren’t 100% to blame. The media glorifies drinking.

8. The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

This is one of the great quit drinking books.

If you need a little motivation with getting clean, then you should read The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Cathrine Gray. She greatly puts a spotlight on all the joy you can gain from being sober. She also writes about how messy it is to get there.

When trying to overcome an addiction of any kind, there is fear there. Fear that you’ll be judged by family and friends or fear that you won’t be able to find a job now. Catherine addresses this by writing about the worries that she faced.

By reading this you’ll be able to see that once you’ve conquered these worries and put them to the side, there is a life of happiness and freedom ahead of you.

9. Beautiful Boy

If you’re a parent, another one of my much-loved quit drinking books is Beautiful Boy by David Sheff holds a very real and important message: addiction affects your entire family, not just you. The book takes you through David’s struggle with his son’s addiction.

While this book isn’t necessarily about you overcoming the hurdle yourself, this is the book to read if you want to learn how you can help someone else do it.

Alcohol Lied To Me10. Alcohol Lied To Me

The Craig Beck quit drinking method is unique:

  1. No need to declare yourself an alcoholic.
  2. A permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle.
  3. No group meetings or expensive rehab.
  4. No humiliation, no pain and 100% no ‘willpower’ required.
  5. Treats the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

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Quit Drinking Books That Can Help You Through Recovery

Recovering from problem drinking is tough when you feel like nobody has your back, even those closest to you. During these trying times, sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself is to pick up a book.

Check out one of these great sobriety books to help you see that things will get better and that you’re more powerful than your addiction.

Quitting drinking does not have to be a struggle, but we can help you. Go here to register for our free webinar.

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