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Help Me To Stop Drinking F.A.Q.

Why should I try this?

The simple answer is because it works. Over 50,000 people have discovered their own happy sober life with my help.

Virtually every other method of dealing with alcohol addiction requires the use of willpower.

Willpower is completely ineffective against alcohol because it puts your powerful subconscious mind into a civil war with your weak conscious mind.

When you try to force yourself to stop drinking you have a 95% chance of failure.

The Stop Drinking Expert method alters your belief structure and because you don’t have to arm wrestle your subconscious into submission the process becomes quick and easy.

Many people don’t want to deal with this problem publicly, they want to keep it private and deal with it without having to stand up in embarrassing group therapy sessions and label themselves ‘an alcoholic’.

I do not believe you are an alcoholic and just as soon as you get started I will explain why.

help me to stop drinking

How is this different to AA?

quit drinking faqAttending Alcoholics Anonymous does not involve any ‘treatment’, they follow the 12 steps in a hope one will stop drinking, however many people who are following ‘the steps’ are still drinking.

The twelve steps were created in 1935 and have no ‘intervention’ properties, they involve a process of prayer and meditation to achieve a ‘spiritual awakening’. In fact the Ditman-Study provided evidence that AA is no more effective than doing nothing or ‘no treatment at all’.

New member drop out rates, the percentage of those that leave is, 81% after one month, 90% after 3 months, 95% after 12 months. AA have a 5% retention rate, yet are perceived as a successful organization.

Want more information? Click here to watch my video on why AA didn’t work for me.

Yet again proving that willpower does not work as a cure for alcohol problems.

 help me to stop drinking

Why have I never heard of this before?

Dutch CourageBecause my ‘how to stop drinking’ program involves no medication or expensive in-patient rehab. The drug companies cannot make any profit from promoting a method that doesn’t involve a patentable chemical.

Sadly the medical profession is controlled by the big money of the pharmaceutical companies and not what is best for the patient.

To be recommended by national health services (such as the NHS) you need to spend millions on double blind research – only the big Pharma companies can afford to do this.

This is why drugs are nearly always the solution when you go to your doctor with a health problem.

Taking drugs to help with a drug problem is illogical and ineffective in the long run.

As soon as you stop taking the drugs the problem comes back!

There is more information on using medication to stop drinking here

help me to stop drinkingHow does it work… and will it work for me?

stop drinking at nightThe entire western world is brainwashed by alcohol, we are told that drinking is normal and that abstaining is abnormal.

The drinks manufacturers spend billions of dollars every year to keep that social stigma in place. They also fund research that commonly concludes that drinking alcohol is good for us and they aggressively propagate the notion that stopping drinking is difficult, dangerous and painful.

Once you see the wolf in the sheep’s clothing and I give you the tools to change your belief structure around alcohol you will join the thousands of others who simply no longer have any desire to drink.

You probably don’t have a heroin problem, right?

That’s purely because you do not believe your life would be better with heroin in it. At the moment you believe that alcohol is giving you something positive – this is just an illusion that I am going to reveal to you just as soon as you get started with me.

WARNING: Problems with alcohol NEVER get better on their own.

Sure, you could wait and have just one more hangover. But in all honesty, wouldn’t you advise yourself that you should decide now and get started on escaping the trap of alcohol addiction?

help me to stop drinking

Do I have to stop drinking?

You don’t have to do anything… my members are free to drink if they want to. It is when you start creating rules for yourself that life gets difficult. My program works so well because it doesn’t insist you force yourself to avoid alcohol. It erodes your desire to drink, so you are allowed to drink but you find that you just don’t want to!



The Help Me To Stop Drinking FAQ are just a few of our most common questions – if you have any specific concern please email Craig directly and he will be happy to advise.


Yes, I am ready – Show me how to stop drinking & get my life back.

Help Me To Stop Drinking

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  1. I just listened to your alcohol lied to me book. Excellent and very empowering! Thank you.
    I live in a very social environment and was wondering about entertaining. People expect wine/spirits at dinner and parties! Do you serve?

    • Hi BB

      Thank you

      I don’t ever have alcohol in the house and people know that. However, if friends brought a bottle of wine I would have no issue serving them. That is their choice to make. My partner very occasionally has a beer – the goal of my program is become so comfortable with your decision not to drink that you no longer crave it at all.



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